Welcome to Source de Vie PA


Because of the generosity from the public and hard work of the membership we have brought a safe water supply to a community of people. Source de Vie is a small non-profit organization with a mission to help the people of Haiti. Formed in September 2009 our first goal was to bring a well to a community without water. There were many challenges, but we can proudly say that a community near Camp Perrin will have water from this day forward!


Thank you in advance for helping the people of Haiti. It is our great joy to offer hope to a people who have suffered much.

Our 2014 golf tournament was a huge success, thank you all who participated and contributed.

 Father Pascal's address's to the participants of the Golf Tournament


To the president, all members of the committee and all of you who so kindly are present here today:

Some humanitarians say that it is not enough just to live, it is necessary to know how to live. For me, to live is to share what you are and what you have with a Universal spirit. That is why we talk about the art of living.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, “Why was I born? What is my life’s meaning?” Unfortunately, a lot of people do not find the answer to these questions just because they don’t want to share. Where there is a tragedy they feel comfortable with just saying, “Oh, so sorry.”

But all of you here today, as well as your nation, you are compassionate. You are here today to share my people’s pain and sorrows and to help.

Haiti has only 2% of a vegetable area and 75% of its mountains are mainly bare. Today most of our rivers are dray and the water problem is a scary one for our future.

Thanks to your generous participation and open hearts, today in our Source de Vie Community in Haiti we have a potable water system and our people are very very grateful for that.

This is why I come here today to humbly present our thanks from the community and all of Haiti

We have many other projects, as you may imagine, but we don’t pretend to leave all of them on your shoulders. Nevertheless, we would greatly appreciate your help in finishing the construction of our Community Center..

We trust in God that He will give you the ways and means to continue helping us.

May God bless you all and your families!!


Father Edmond